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Photosynthetic Curtain Wall

Thanks to SunEmison Photosynthetic Curtain Wall buildings become a real power plant, keeping their design appeal, aesthetics, efficiency and functionality.

Curtain walls are becoming a popular application for photovoltaic glass in buildings. They allow owners to generate power from areas of the building they had never thought of. Buildings become a real power plant, keeping their design appeal, aesthetics, efficiency and functionality. Both amorphous and crystalline glass can be used for curtain applications, and choosing one or another will depend on your design preferences, energy needs, and daylight requirements. Architectural tempered Glass for curtain walls comes frameless, and it can be assembled into any commercial system. From a mechanical prospective, the building contractor will take care of its installation, and then the electrical contractor will interconnect the units. Different visible light transmittance levels are also an option. A typical curtain wall system can combine semi-transparent Glass for the vision areas, together with fully dark glass for the spandrel. This strategy contributes to optimizing the energy yield from the elevation, while maintaining unobstructed views.

Aesthetics & Energy Generation

Glass curtain walls allow buildings to generate additional power without compromising aesthetics, functionality and views. They also provide thermal comfort and avoid the greenhouse effect.


How much money does a standard curtain wall pay back? The answer is zero. In contrast, a glass curtain wall will not only insulate the building, but generate power for over 30 years, helping our customers decrease their monthly electricity bills, and therefore, paying for itself.

Customized Glass

We work hand in hand with architects and design professionals realizing their designs with photosynthetic glass. Our designs are flexible enough to adapt to any project needs, no matter the color, transparency, shape and buildup. Challenge us!


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