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Powered by innovation, driven by quality and fuelled by excellence, we are uniquely positioned to enable every Indian business, household and individual to RISE with clean and smart solutions.


  • To be the world’s most trusted brand in building glass energy.
  • To market as part of the more than 9 billion sq. m per year of annual global glass production.


  • To become a $1 billion revenue company by 2022.
  • To become the preferred employer in India for superior talent to deliver maximum value to all our stakeholders working harmoniously with local and global communities.


Buildings using a substantial amount of architectural glass could produce some of their own electricity through the building envelops. The solar power generated is considered green or clean electricity because its source is renewable and it does not cause pollution. In addition to energy cost savings, potential benefits from the use of AI glass include reducing the carbon footprint of facilities, contributing to sustainability and consequently, enhancing branding and public relations (PR) efforts.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

A Top-Of-The-Line Standing Seam Roof For Your Home. If you’re looking for a standing seam supplier, and you want the best product available that will provide years of worry-free beauty and service, we’re here and ready to work for you. We strive to build strong relationships with all of our customers, and we are committed to creating a great roofing experience


The facade is the skin of a house. It forms the boundary between interior and exterior, between form and function, between user and pedestrian. In addition to aspects of function, construction, design and urban space, increasingly sustainability parameters are gaining importance.


glazing is an excellent investment as it brings so much to your home. When your windows and doors are armed with double glazing, they trap in more heat and keep out more noise. As a result, your property is more energy-efficient and soundproof!

Architectural Shading

There are many different reasons to want to control the amount of sunlight that is admitted into a building. In warm, sunny climates excess solar gain may result in high cooling energy consumption; in cold and temperate climates winter sun entering south-facing windows can positively contribute to passive solar heating; and in nearly all climates controlling and diffusing natural illumination will improve daylighting.

Why Solar Energy

It's time for a sustainable energy policy which puts consumers,the environment,human health and peace first.